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Founded in 2011 by filmmaker Daniel Harding, 23½ Films is an independent UK production company striving to make unique content and original stories



I started 23½ Films in 2011 when I was… yep, you guessed it, twenty-three and a half years old. After graduating from Sussex University, I purchased my own camera equipment from the money I had saved up from a weekend job. By the time I graduated I knew I didn’t want to leave Brighton, nor find a job in the big smoke working my way up through a production company as an assistant. I was determined to make my own films.

I've been making my own content for almost ten years now, and whilst I've grown as a filmmaker, I am still striving to improve and learn. To date, I've made 17 short films and over 150 showreel scenes with Daniel Harding Showreels, but I want to broaden my portfolio and start exploring and creating other types of work. My aim is to build 23½ Films into a fully self-dependent production house that can take on any visual or editing project big or small.

This year I released a new short film Dinner With Mum (which can be found online) that has screened at twelve festivals so far and won the Audience Choice Award at The Box Festival in Newbury. I intend to start work on my debut feature film Blah Blah Blah in the coming months, as well as releasing a six-part audio drama series titled The Watchful Eye

Feel free to get in touch if you have a project you want to discuss. I am open to discussing all possibilities, and can offer help, advice and expertise. 

- Daniel 

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