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Writing has never been a natural ability for me, so instead I've had to work (very) hard at it - mostly be reading a tonne and practising the craft as much as time allows. I regularly write scripts for fun, and produce them for no other reason than to write and enjoy the pursuit. My interest is primarily in dark-comedy, but I frequently write in other genres too - whatever form the idea comes in. My greatest writing achievement to date has been Dinner With Mum, which one the Audience Choice Award at The Box Film Festival in 2020.  

I am also giving away Free Scripts which you are more than welcome to look at (if you're a filmmaker or production company, then they're yours if you want them). The Rambles Of A Filmmaker is my blog, which includes articles and topical essays, so be sure to check that out too, and I am also working on a weekly Production Diary for Happy Ever After - intended to be my first feature film. 

If you read any of the scripts below, feel free to get in touch to let me know what you think! I'll be posting here (hopefully) quite regularly, so stay tuned for more scripts!


Thanks - Daniel

To read the shooting script, click here

THE UNDERPASS - short film - thriller

To read the shooting script, click here

DINNER WITH MUM - short film - drama

To read all 6 episodes, click here

SPADE - web series - dark comedy

To read the shooting script, click here

S.A.M. - short film - romance/sci-fi

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