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Editing, Sound Mix and Grade

If you need an editor for your project, feel free to contact me direct for a quote

Not to be underestimated, editing and post-production is key to any successful project. There is something relatively mysterious about what makes an edit good or bad, and I pride myself on being a great editor. I spend most of my day sat in front of a computer editing one thing or another, and it's fair to say, I love to edit!


I regularly work freelance as an editor, so I am happy to discuss any project, big or small, even if I'm not involved with filming. Editing not only consists of compiling the footage together into a cohesive and professional film or clip, but my editing service also includes; sound mix & design, full colour grade and text animation if required. I pride myself in the quality of work I produce and can either edit by myself or in collaboration with someone from the production, i.e. the director. I can adapt to any project, and can happily work remotely, and receive feedback over notes or via webchat.

Whilst I have edited over fifteen short films, winning one award, perhaps my proudest editorial achievement to has been Strike - a stop-frame animation feature film produced by Gigglefish Studios. It's the largest production I've been involved in, and it was my job to take all of the images the animators were producing, and compile them into a watchable film (sounds like editing, right?). I also supervised the post-production team, often organising multiple versions of the same clip, at various stages of its completion. Alongside the director and writer, we produced a 110 minute feature film which has since been sold to numerous territories around the world.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to get in touch. For cost, I quote prices upon receiving a breakdown of your project, as it will depend on how much work is involved. 

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