If you would like to hire me to film your project, feel free to contact me direct for a quote

Unless your project only requires an edit or our post-production services, the chances are you going to require something to be filmed. I've been working as a videographer for over ten years, and I regularly update my equipment to make sure it's kept to industry standard. I film and record in 4K as standard, and can deliver to any platform or preference you may have - I can also help advise you on this if you're unsure.

I can film either by myself, or can recruit additional crew members if the project requires and the budget allows. I have all the equipment I'll need to film the majority of projects, but can easily hire any extra equipment from a variety of suppliers if necessary. I am confident that I'll be able to accommodate any project, even if an example of what you'd like to do isn't in my portfolio.

My greatest filming achievement to date is an award-winning short film titled Dinner With Mum. I filmed it by myself, with my own equipment, and it went on to win the 'Audience Choice Award' at The Box Film Festival, as well as screening to eight other festivals to date. I've filmed over fifteen short films, and I've had extensive experience filming with Daniel Harding Showreels - examples of which can be found here.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to get in touch. For cost, I quote prices upon receiving a breakdown of your project, as it will depend on how much work is involved.