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Producing: Casting, Budgeting and Scheduling

If you want me to produce your next project, feel free to contact me direct for a quote

In my experience, the importance of pre-production (which includes; casting, budgeting and scheduling) is often either neglected or largely ignored because it's often seen as dull part of the process. Personally I know that pre-production can make or break a project, and I will spend a large part of pre-production making sure I have prepped to the best of my ability, as well as having making sure everyone has received a detailed breakdown of the project. I've organised and cast over fifteen projects, and was Production Manager on a 2018 feature film titled False Witness, so I am confident that I know what it takes to produce a successful project.

I can accommodate any size project when it comes to casting, and can work within a budget. You can either leave pre-production to me, or you can be involved. Depending on your level of experience, I can walk you through every step of the process, including casting, and explain why we do certain things. I pride myself on building a good relationship with the crews I cast, and I actively try to protect that reputation. 

Another integral part to pre-production is budgeting. I can adapt my strategy and will work within constraints  and allowances depending on the project size and its overall aims. I can make recommendations, and advise the project as much as my ability allows. I have plenty of experience, and I am confident I know what it takes to budget a project correctly.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to get in touch. For cost, I quote prices upon receiving a breakdown of your project, as it will depend on how much work is involved. 

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