This production diary will consist (hopefully) of my sporadic progress and development through multiple productions, including; short films, web series, feature films, as well as any other project I am currently working on. I intend to offer a useful insight into my work flow, one post at a time.


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Post #1 - Start again, and then again

Monday 29th June 2020

I should probably start this entry off in a number of different ways, so I'll try and do them all. This new diary form has seen the 'Production Diary' for Happy Ever After and the 'News' page merge into one. After a number of posts, I realised that it would be almost a year until I could expect to see HEA move into production (at the earliest) and the News page just wasn't doing it for me - it was too short and lacking in detail. So I felt a single Production Diary page for everything I am doing was the way to go. Sorry to anyone who was enjoying the posts for HEA, but rest assured, if there is any further development on the project, I will mention it here. I've also started making plans for a number of other feature projects too, and I didn't want to have to maintain a production diary for each of them - far too much work!


I could've also started the post by writing about what I was up to this weekend - which will likely be the format I use going forward. I filmed the first day, of the first episode, for a new web-series called Gravity by local Brighton based actor Amanda Davidge. It's an interesting project, and it's had to adapt to lockdown and the current social distancing measures - making it part of the concept. I believe she is producing this first script as a pilot to test the idea before going into production on further episodes. I was DOP on the day, and I will also be editing the project as well. It was a tough shoot (mainly due to the unpredictable weather) but I thoroughly enjoyed filming again, and being outside with all my new equipment. 

The last way I could have started this post was by letting you know that I've just posted a new script titled They, which can be read on my Bibliography page. It's intended to be a dark comedy about how 'they' are always telling you how to do things. It's a simple concept and one I feel could be fun to film at some point. I am currently trying to decide which short I should produce next, which is a good place to be, but I haven't made a decision yet - I've written about 10 scripts since lockdown, and I like most, if not all, of them. Some are simpler than others, and therefore cheaper, which may be the way to go - especially considering the likely financial instability facing us all in the coming months and years. Can I really justify spending money on something I enjoy doing rather than making sure I have enough to pay the rent and bills?... Yes, I can, is the answer. I've done it before, and I'll do it again! But Dinner With Mum has kinda been doing well, and the feedback has been pretty amazing, so I am left questioning whether I need to make another short film any time soon...  Probably not. Decisions, decisions.

I'm still enjoying lockdown, and the slower pace to life, but I can feel things are starting to turn again. I've been receiving enquiries for Daniel Harding Showreels, with a couple of bookings made, but it's nowhere near the volume that I was working at before the lockdown, which is still kind of nice. I keep telling myself that I should try and maintain some sense of this when things go back to 'normal'.

Until next time! Thanks for reading - Daniel

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